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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Let us offer to organize your trip to Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan — a country of contrasts. In Tashkent alone you can find wattle and daub houses alongside modern business centers, legendary traditional tea houses and fine dining restaurants and pubs, colorful oriental bazaars and modern hypermarkets, white-bearded Uzbek elders and modern young people on their rollers and bikes, wide avenues and old narrow streets.

Not mentioning such ancient legendary cities as Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva where thousand year old monuments harmoniously connected with the life of modern city, where windows of comfortable hotels overlook the fascinating minarets, domes and fortified walls, translate into reality Scheherazade’s fairy tales, where your every Eastern dream, full of romance and adventures will come true.

If it does not sound attractive enough, to visit a country of blue domes, here are some other reasons for you and your partners to sojourn Uzbekistan:

Accessibility. There are four international airports in Uzbekistan, you can get here by direct flights from many countries of the world using various airways.

Hotels. Diversity of 4 and 5 star hotels in the main cities of Uzbekistan with all conference-ready services for your customers.

Nature. Spend some time to visit distant corners of  our country and feel the breath of Earth. You will be impressed by the contrast of shifting sands of Kyzylkum desert and blooming gardens of Ferghana valley, flat lands and mountain landscapes.

Cuisine.  True gourmets know, that the masterpieces of national cuisine are better to be tasted on their homeland. Don’t miss a great opportunity to enjoy real Uzbek pilaf, prepared on open fire, lamb and horse meat in hundreds of variations and rivers of Uzbek wines. We offer this by the accompaniment of fiery belly dances and ethnic melodies that will carry you to a wonderful world of Orient.

Oriental Bazaars. There are thousands of different aromas of oriental spices, smells of fruits and vegetables all around the bazaar. Every seller will offer you to taste his “product”, prior to buy it, and such seller knows that none of the customers will leave without a purchase.   And let’s be honest, you won’t find poor goods at the bazaar.

Special events. And what about donkey or camel riding or treasure hunt within the ancient monument of Samarkand and Bukhara, national Uzbek games, we can arrange such kind of events.

Culture. Art and culture have been developing on the basis of best Uzbek creations and efforts, that is why wherever you go, you will see the quintessence of Uzbek experience.

Hospitality. Uzbekistan is famous not only for its rich history, numerous monuments, and unique nature landscapes but also for its people’s hospitality. Every guest is welcomed here – no matter if you are Russian, Englishman or Japanese. Guest in the East is sacred. We are proud of this tradition and ready to show our hospitality to everyone.

Safety. Uzbekistan is politically stable state, where more than a hundred nation live in peace and friendship.

Professional competence.  Team of competent tour operators will work with you, to prepare itineraries based on your interests. We are available 24/7. 

We are waiting for you in an ancient and mysterious Uzbekistan!